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About JVD

JVD Distribution is Europe’s leading distributor of quality archery goods. We act as the bridge between the manufacturer and the dealer offering a wide range of products, professional service and competitive prices to dealers across the world.

JVD was established more than 40 years ago, starting out as a small local archery store in the Netherlands. After a few years we expanded and grew adding a warehouse from where goods were distributed. In 2007, after careful consideration, we decided to close our retail store, focussing more on providing distribution services to archery dealers worldwide. Since then we’ve grown to be Europe’s largest archery distributor, supplying more than 150 big brands including names such as Hoyt, Easton, Win & Win, SF Archery, Cartel, Mathews and PSE and exclusively for the Benelux Elite Archery and Winner’s Choice. At any given time we have an exuberant amount of stock including 10,000 bows and 250,000 shafts and arrows ready for shipping. We proudly stock over 10,000 unique products all exclusively made for archery.

‘The right product, at the right place with the right price’
is our motto. To ensure that we are able to live up to this, we installed a state-of-the-art and a one-of-a-kind automatic, machine operated order-picking system. Approximately 90% of orders placed with us are handled directly by this Automatic Tote System (ATS), which allows faster product retrieval and thus quicker shipping of products to the dealer. Due to the large stock available and the advanced computer run ATS machine, we are able to deliver orders to European customers within two days.

The passion for the archery sport has been embedded in JVD Distribution since our beginning. We strive to ensure professional and personal service with top quality products. Would you like to take advantage of the many services we provide for our customers? Then we invite you to fill out a dealer application form. We will personally contact you pending your application to find out just how we can help you with all your archery needs.

Thank you.
Team JVD


Ground Floor

First Floor


Johan van Drunen
Owner & CEO
Derk Boer
Sales & Marketing Manager
Kim van de Wouw
Finance Manager
Fred van Zutphen
Account Manager &
Product Specialist
Silvano Ligurgo
Account Manager

Sang Ho Lee
Account Manager Asia

Koen Herman
Account Manager
JVD Outdoor
Rob Dekkers
Account Manager
JVD Outdoor
Mariëlle Snoeren
Account Manager

Lonie Priester
Account Manager
Christel van Berkel
Data Officer
Pascal van der Veeken Technical Specialist
Tom van Lieshout Technical Specialist Naomi Jones
Technical Specialist
Hans Marijnissen
IT Coordinator
Roland de Leeuw
System Administrator
Jeske Ritsema
Marketing Coordinator
Ans Messerschmidt Graphic Designer
Corina Broere
HR Officer

Lianne van der Made Senior Transport Coordinator Maaike Klein
Transport Coordinator

Birgitte Kees
Transport Coordinator

Frank Ooms
Inventory Analyst

Nienke Vugts
Business Intelligence Analyst
Martijn van Laanen Assistant Controller Wanda de la Fuente Accounting Assistant Stijn van Gils
Accounting Assistant
Gonny Sterrenburg Accounting Assistant Ria de Pinth
Billing Employee
Roel van den Dungen Warehouse Supervisor

Joost de Nijs
Assistant Warehouse Supervisor
Cora Peters
Teamleader Inbound

Thijs Dam
Teamleader Outbound

Ron Schurgers
Assistant Teamleader Outbound
John van Uden
Warehouse employee

Craig Fox
Warehouse employee
Adrie Halberstadt
Warehouse employee
Marco van Drunen Warehouse employee
Monique Haverhals Warehouse employee Marek Kostecki Warehouse employee Tonnie van der Kallen Warehouse employee
Michel van Dijk
Warehouse employee
Max Roozen
Warehouse employee


JVD Distribution Phone:  +31 (0) 73 518 6020
Looier 9 Fax:        +31 (0) 73 518 6025
5253 RA Nieuwkuijk Email:   [email protected]
The Netherlands  

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