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  • Where can I find the new Mathews warranty form?

    Commencing July 2013, Mathews has intergrated a new Warranty Policy. Below you can find attachment links to the newly regulated policies. We kindly ask you to use the attached forms when you have purchased a Mathews product and would like to acquire warranty there upon. The forms deem to be completed correctly with all required fields being filled with accurate information, this is to avoid any miscommunications in the warranty process and/or eventual claims. Besides this, Mathews requires photos of the rupture and the serial number. This in order to check the warranty request. The information provided in the forms including the required images of the serial number and rupture, are critical for a speedy process in the warranty request period. Misinformation and/or incomplete forms will result in e-mail and telephone correspondence to verify and complete the information check. This of course results in unnecessary delays in the warranty process.

    Please be aware that photos of the rupture and the serial number must be included.

    Related files:
    Mathews International Warranty Form (PDF)
    Mathews International Warranty Form (Excel)

  • How can I become a dealer of JVD Distribution?

    If you have an archery shop, or you wish to open an archery shop, and you would need a reliable partner, please fill out the

    Dealer Application Form

    If you have further important information or pictures, please do not hesitate to add them to the application. We will answer your dealer request as fast as possible.

  • Can I buy at JVD Distribution as a private person?

    We at JVD Distribution are a wholesaler and we therefore we mainly focus on professional archery shops and archery federations. If you are interested in buying our products as a consumer, then please contact your local archery shop for purchases, advice, guidance and any other archery support you might need. Our Sales Team can help you out to find the closest archery shop in your area.

  • Does JVD sell archery products to consumers directly?

    As a distributor we act as the bridge between the manufacturer and the dealer, which means that we serve archery shops and dealers only. If you are interested in buying our products as a consumer, then please contact your local archery shop.

  • What do the icons stand for?

    We use several icons on our website that indicate the stock level of the products. Please find an explanation of these icons below.

  • What is a Special Order?

    You probably noticed the different icons next to our products. One of them being a blue icon with an “S”.

    Those products are goods we do not stock, thus we would only order upon your request. Please be aware that the waiting time for a Special Order will therefore take the time of production and delivery towards JVD. Be aware that once you ordered them, we can not cancel them anymore. If a special order is shown orange or green, this would implicate that we do have them exceptionally in stock but we will not reorder them for our stock once those are sold out.

  • When is an article coming back in stock?

    Products which are limited in stock (full orange icon) or out of stock (full red icon) are automatically being reordered by our Purchase Team. As soon as we have information about when it will be delivered in our warehouse, we will share this information with you as an expected arrival date which will give you an idea about the approximate time of arrival.

    Do not hesitate to order them up front, so that the products are reserved for you on your backorder list.

  • How do I know if a product is Close Out?

    A Close Out item has a “C” within the icon. The products with those icons are articles we do not order anymore or which are not being produced by the manufacturer. Therefore as soon as they are out of stock in our warehouse, we will not receive them any longer. If you order a higher quantity as we have in stock then you will receive an error notification.

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