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Hori-Zone RedBack | Christmas Offer

Hori-Zone RedBack | Christmas Offer

The Hori-Zone RedBack is a pistol crossbow must-have and an ideal Christmas gift! Not only because of its speed - it is World's fastest pistol crossbow - but also for all the features and the full package it comes with. And we have good news for you, we have a special Christmas Offer: if you now order a 12 pack of the Hori-Zone RedBack, you get 12 x 12 bolts included for free! This means that you can offer an even fuller package!

Click on the link below to go straight to the Hori-Zone RedBacks to find more information and to take advantage of this offer, so that you have yours in stock before the Christmas rush.

Hori-Zone RedBack | Christmas Offer

Terms and Conditions

  1. This Hori-zone RedBack Christmas Offer applies to the RedBack 12 packs only.
  2. Included will be 12 x 12 RedBack bolts (JVD product code: 11296-1000), in addition to the bolts that are already included as standard in the RedBack packages.
  3. The bolts will automatically be added to your order. Bolts you have added to your order will be considered additional and will be invoiced at your normal rate.
  4. Where possible bolts will be included in the same order as your RedBacks. However it is also possible they will come in a future order.

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