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Monthly Product Update | March Edition

Monthly Product Update | March Edition

StanislawskiThe latest product update is here! Including new in stock items from Decut, Pine Ridge and Stan.  We also added something different from new brand Precision Elastic.

New Items from Decut
A few new items from Decut came in stock this month. The  Decut Basha Pro already proved a massive hit - but now there is also a painted version at a lower price point. Pair the Decut Basha riser with the new Mixhar tab for great technology and style that's affordable for anyone!

Pine Ridge Kwik Bowstand
For compound more and more brands are increasing their product ranges to fit all the different limb styles. Pine Ridge have taken a different approach and made their stand fit all limb styles on the market. That makes this stand a perfect accessory for compound fans from Prime to PSE! Providing a stable hold for any bow, the Kwik is a highly adjustable design in a great range of colours.

Stanislawski PerfeX Release Aid
The Stan PerfeX Release is now in stock! Including all the newest release aid technologies. This release is highly customizable with interchangable, adjustable angle handles and different trigger post lengths - all to give the best fit and execution.

JVD Strawtec Round Targets
Spring is here and Strawtec targets are in super high demand! We have great stock levels right now and even more on the way - so you can order with confidence.

Precision Elastic PPK Semi-Automatic Rubber Band Gun
Once you have a go with one of these you will see the place for it in your assortment! This attractive and addictive impulse buy is great for releasing tension when you can't get down the range. An ideal gift.

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